The roads of Botswana and Zimbabwe were orange

They are behind me

Like the transition autumn leaves in the Jura

An eye patch pressed one eye closed but I still saw the hues of peach and coral

Orange is the second highest alert when there’s dangerous weather

In Virginia the pumpkins sat on porches before All Hallows Eve

Orange was Applejack’s colour and flapjacks for tea

Roux is Boadicea in a stained glass

My grandfather had an Orange Order scarf

The streetlights burned fierce when night came to Ankara

Creme brulee and orangensaft in Switzerland

There was Zaire earth in my father’s suitcase

The new East London line is orange

So is Koningsdag in The Netherlands

Caramel are the highlights in my daughter’s chestnut hair

They say the abandoned mills of Manchester are red

But to me they have the shades and tints of orange